Thursday, June 7, 2007

So it was StackThreads after all...

It turns out that StackThreads doesn't compile in the latest versions of DMD at all. Very strange. I've passed this information on to Mikola, and hopefully it will be fixed at some point. Some changes were made in Pyd's trunk, which now compiles again.

Some emails have been floating around about the D conference, discussing schedules and logistics. In theory, I have to fill an hour talking about Pyd. The fact that it is now June, which is only two less than August has hit home, and I really need to get to work on what I'm going to say.

My Linux box broke. My best guess is that the power supply died (if it's not that, it's the motherboard). I bought a new one, which should arrive within a week. Mostly I just used the box to keep irssi open, but I had been helping Brad out with DSource with the thing. So that's annoying. On the other hand, my major goal when I built this thing was to spend as little as possible. With that criteria, the three years I got isn't bad.

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